Give me some light – a quick one

If you do not wish to bother modifying the interface yourself to make it lighter (see previous post for instructions), yet find Logic X too dark, here’s some first-aid. Try downloading (UPDATED version!) and installing this GUI modified by Kim Olesen.

Lighter track headers, channel strips and arrange background.

Kuvankaappaus 2013-8-18 kello 5.02.25

Kuvankaappaus 2013-8-18 kello 5.02.14

10 thoughts on “Give me some light – a quick one

  1. Does this theme include lighter Piano Roll? What about other editors? Is it possible to see a bigger screenshot… really interested in this, going blind trying to use the default colours :-/

  2. I love this theme. It’s my favorite. Through alot of use I’ve found 1 issue, which is that inside of a packed folder (not a folder track stack), the clean background in the workspace because Dark Green instead of light gray. Any idea on why that is?

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  4. Great theme! The only problem I found is when I change divisions (8/32/12…), the grid lines in piano roll stay the same (16th)

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