Chris D’s theme

This is a pleasure. A clear and calm yet inspiring theme.

About the little mods, well, the pic – not as calm as the theme itself 🙂 – says it all!


There is a nice blue color grade with plenty of little modifications (even some panels and the top part of the Inspector have been modified).

For improved usability, the visibility of the ruler bars and beats has been increased (brighter whitish) and also the visibility of lots of labels and fonts (white). You may also like the detail that the first colors in region color picker are different.

Pan pots by Lee Wilson (we will see these in many…) and faders à la Pro Tools.

Note that the zip file to download here contains only the modified images and the mapping.playlist file. Install this theme by first making a back-up copy (copy, not alias) of the default Resources folder; then drag Chris D’s files into the original folder and hit “replace”.  (By the way, as the zip contains only the modified images, it is also easy to borrow some cool elements from the theme, if you wish.  I am sure Chris would not mind that, either.) Thanks Chris!


ImageKuvankaappaus 2013-8-19 kello 23.26.42

One thought on “Chris D’s theme

  1. What a great Logic Skin – almost reminds me of the good old Emagic days. Don’t know if you are aware, but there’s a slight problem with the channels for external midi instruments. The get a strange knob and the channel goes bright white. Thought you should know. Thanks for your efforts

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