Another custom color palette for regions and tracks…

After some obsessive color tuning with the “tool” and some real projects as well, let me post another custom color picker:

Kuvankaappaus 2013-8-21 kello 2.46.23

Again, with the return of the reds, yet even more shades of orange (instead of light brownish) and variations of deep dark blue (instead of another deep purple).

In case you want to try it, you are welcome to download the MAResourcesmapping.plist file and copy-paste my “Regions” under “Colors” to your plist file (if you did not understand that, please see the post scriptum in the previous color picker post). Needless to say, back-up first…

Now I’ll stop this before all the purple Apple wanted me to have is gone!

EDIT: Much was changed in 10.1, but the “Regions” section under “Colors” is still the same as before. You can still use the method described above, that is, copy-paste it to your 10.1 plist.


An example of a project.

Kuvankaappaus 2013-8-21 kello 2.28.17

10 thoughts on “Another custom color palette for regions and tracks…

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  2. Would love to have one of these without the über earthy tones… I can’t stand the dark dark tones of all these colors. (Mostly from the stock color palate as I appreciate the mod’d ones)

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