Old-school mechanical pan control

Old-school mechanical pan control

“Old-school mechanical pan control with a specular highlight that stays put as you turn the control” by Lee Wilson.

EDIT: Now fixed for 10.0.5–10.0.6 by GS member Pppijn. Download: OldSkool Pan 10.0.6.zip

(Click photo for video.  Posted at Gearslutz, Custom Logic X GUIs thread.)

5 thoughts on “Old-school mechanical pan control

  1. Hi there, nice Old Skool Panners!
    But somehow the centre of the panner is not the same anymore. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Or is there an update for after 10.0.5?

    • When I look at the result of the panning knobs, it is OK when at zero, but the centre-point is different. Is there a way I can change that in the tiffs? And could I do that in Photoshop, or should I turn nto Xcode (of which I don’t understand much for now)?

  2. I would love to try, but that will take a lot of time to find out from scratch. Who is the maker? Maybe I could persuade him?

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