White pan control knobs

[forwarding Lee Wilson’s tip, all text and photos by him]

White pan control now with a hard pan indicator LED, which lights up when you are fully left or fully right.



To use this you need to throw the three (attached) image resources into your resources folder: White Neve with LED.zip

Then make these three changes in your plist:
(basically make the radius fill bright green, switch off the little boarder thing – and make the radius fill a little bigger)


And you will, of course, want to turn off the numerals in the middle of the pan control:

>>>>>NSColor sRGBColor:{255,255,255,0}
>>>>>NSFont NSFont:{Arial Rounded MT Bold, 12}

4 thoughts on “White pan control knobs

  1. Love the look and functionality of these pan knobs. Best ones in the Logic custom GUI world thus far, IMHO.

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