Pro Tools theme updated

Matthew 30 has updated his Pro Tools -ish theme. Brilliant job indeed!

Back-up the default Resources folder. Drag these files into the original and hit replace.




13 thoughts on “Pro Tools theme updated

  1. Great Work !!!!
    A little ask, is possible to have a loop, audio bin page, ( to the right of Logic ) more dark ??
    With gray color is more difficult to read the names of loops and contents.

    Many regards.

    • I have only two suggestion for this mods : make more dark loops page, and change the background color when make double click on the knobs panpot for to change the parameters, becouse the with color of number panpot range on the green background colour, is more difficult to read.

  2. Hello,
    And many many thanks for the valuable work… Some text is not readable (side colums, and tracks second name). Also, on a personal taste, I’d like the green numbers (transport, pan and levels) to be a little more on the yellow side, like Pro Tools does. Would be easier on my eyes.

  3. There seems to be a problem with the STOP transport button which looks like the return to zero button and goes wrong when PLAY engaged.
    Also, one more thing that could be thought : I’d like to see the notes colors on the piano roll be inverses when selected/deselected. Actually, you can only clearly see the velocities when they are selected, as they looked in version 9.x. Would be very helpful. I don’t understand why Apple made them so unreadable. But perhaps other folks do like how it is now ?

  4. This is high quality indeed!!. Thanks for sharing.

    The only thing that I don’t like is the little triangle in the mixer appearing on top right of the activated plugins and buses. It overlaps the name of the plugin and bus while taking some real estate for the name which is the most relevant. So I would just take away this small triangle. The problem I don’t know how to do it…

    • Indeed, the insert triangles are annoying and useless and could be left out. Also, I find the clips and piano roll notes colours nicer (clearer and more Pro Tools like BTW) once selected, and would invert the colours scheme between selected and unselected. Anyone else interested ? I can’t do that, but if someone find how to do this it would be so great. Thanks again for the amazing work. Period.

  5. I made a minor modification of this great theme. Just fade the beat and format grid lines in the pianoroll so now it is easier to differentiate between barlines, beatlines and format lines. I would like to share it but I can not see an upload utility in the blog.

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