ru2b12’s green on black themes

This week some great theme mods have been finished or updated. Here is the one by ru2b12, posted in the Gearslutz custom gui thread. Actually, there are two versions of it:

1) Bright green on black


2) The lite green version


The zips include installation instructions. And there are both Retina and non-Retina versions!


5 thoughts on “ru2b12’s green on black themes

  1. In my humble opinion, I think THIS theme is the best Mod GUI out there, besides Mathew 30’s ‘Pro Tools’ theme. It is very balanced, I love the green and black combination and it has the least amount of distractions. While the Neve themes are nice, I find that the appearance of the overall buttons and faders plus the colors are too distracting (for me anyway). On my Mac, I changed the Arrange background and Piano Roll to lighter colors and changed the Cycle ruler to the ruler stolen from Matthew’s Pro Tools theme. I also changed the pane focus to something I stole from Chris D, so that its a brighter green, making it more visible.

    I am very thankful to ru2b12 for making this and to all the other modders out there. Thank you very making the whole Logic X GUI experience a little more pleasant and a little less depressing. Thank you for doing a much better job than Apple did.

  2. This theme by ru2b12 is probably going to be how my Logic install will look like for the next 10 years. Just brilliant. What a lesson to Apple. They removed all possibilities to change the look and people are coming with changes like never before!!!

    Now, if i could just find the plugin.res from Atracks pilot that fit well with ru2b12’s theme, it would be Heaven :-). Great work!!! Thanks.

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  4. yeah great work.
    the blue background on inserts in the stock Logic X them is what annoys me about it, too in your face.
    Thanks a lot ru2b12
    Have you tried any other colours for the text ??

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