Tooloud’s scary mod FRANKENSCREEN (or, “Sauron’s theme”, choose your monster).

Includes plugin mods by Chris Brown + more credit info here:

2ND EDIT: An improved version and a working link:

3RD EDIT in which the panners have been updated to 10.0.5–:


Näyttökuva 2013-12-3 kello 0.15.58

Näyttökuva 2013-12-3 kello 0.23.11

Näyttökuva 2013-12-3 kello 0.17.13

9 thoughts on “Frankenscreen!

  1. Hi There! would you mind updating this to 10.5? this is my favorite one on this site. I’d really appreciate it.
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Link for the 3rd edit above. I am not sure whether Tooloud has updated only the panners or all of the MAResourcesMapping.plist (which is slightly different in 10.0.5) yet according to him it should work in 10.0.5 now.

  2. Hello –
    Great theme! My favorite. Funny though, it doesn’t look exactly the same as the pics you show. The mixer appears much darker in your pics. Here, it goes from kinda dark at the bottom and fades into bright at the top. I prefer what I see in your pics. Also the info in the inspector is dark against dark, can barely read it. Pan knobs are different as well. I wish I knew how to modify this stuff because with a few tweaks I would be over the moon with this theme. I love the dark track headers. I have a pic of what it looks like here, but can’t figure out how to attach it.

    Any chance you’d be interested in modding this to my prefs for some cash? If so please let me know.

    • The pics are from the first version which was for 10.0.1-10.0.4. Tooloud has updated it to a 10.0.5-10.0.6 compatible version. Apple changed the mixer panner scaling in 10.0.5 and Tooloud had to change the panners. I don’t know if he made any other changes. What you are describing seems to be a different gradient value in top and bottom. That is wuite easy to re-code. You can do it yourself. Make back-up, download XCode… see my “Modify page”. The colors you are looking for are in the MAResourcesMapping.plist under AssetStes > Colors > Mixer > ChannelStrip_BG > gradient > Item0/Item1. Change them to the same darker value (darker in “GrayColor” = the first value is closer to 0). You may also need to change “ChannelStrip_SelectedBG”.

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