Plugin mods by Attracks pilot

Here you go:

plugin tif download

resources download

* Backup your current ‘Contents’-folder. 
* Copy the complete contents of the ‘Resources (PlugIns)’-folder to Contents => PlugIns => efx.res => Contents => Resources. 
* Select the files you like from the ‘’-archive and copy those to Contents => Frameworks => MAResources.framework => Versions => A => Resources. 
* Change the entries, listed in the ‘Plug-Ins ‘slim’ black/green mod’-overview, at your ‘MAResourcesMapping.plist’. 

ps. You can back-up also by zipping, that is, packing, the whole program.




4 thoughts on “Plugin mods by Attracks pilot

  1. As promised, I’ve checked the PlugIns/Resources folder.
    No issues after copying the whole bunch to version 10.0.5 … but the new EQ and other stuff are not effected. Probably they are hidden in the newly introduced “MAResourcesGB.framework” and/or “MAResourcesPlugInsShared.framework” within the “Frameworks” folder. I’ll check them out later.

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