Yellow Functionalism theme

I guess it is time to share my  own theme. It has been a nice adventure of two months by now, started by Lee Wilson who opened the can, indeed, and followed by dozens of other people, some of whom have been mentioned in this blog earlier on.

And some of us had not even heard of Xcode or ever used Photoshop before! 😀

There is still not any “manual” for how to find the values in Xcode to do this or that, or which tif images are responsible of which things, but plenty of information can be found from the Gearslutz thread. As it is a long one, I have tried to re-post the finished (or beta) themes here, and also some tips. There could be more tips but it is a question of time you know…

However, I will later on try to do a “manual” on how to tweak the values and find the tif images that have resulted in the theme you see below. Although there is really not much original in this theme; I have borrowed many things from other users (Lee, TreyM, ru2b12)… and also many others have kindly shared the information they have found out (Attracks pilot, Chris Brown and Chris D, for instance).

Indeed, the thing I have enjoyed the most during these weeks has been the creativity or the user community, the “general intellect”, the good spririt and solidarity in sharing each others findings.

You were not expecting for a sentimental speech but there you got it!

But here we go. This theme is mostly based on functionality. The first things I noticed with the Apple default theme was that a) it was too dark for my iMac in my half-daylight home studio; b) in the mixer, the instrument buttons and the plugin buttons did not differ from each other; c) I had serious difficulties in seeing to which Aux tracks were the busses going to.

So, this theme is a) brighter; b) the instrument slots and plugin slots differ from each other; c) the yellow font signifies that something is active.

Kuvankaappaus 2013-11-11 kello 21.41.29


(Click to zoom in.)

Below you can see some other modifications:

– Clearer bar/note etc. dividers in the arrange  window.
– Brighter piano roll, of course.
– A custom color palette for the color picker = for tracks and regions. (This is the default in this theme. See my previous  posts on how not to use it.)
– A vintage background for Drum Kit plugin. (I really like this myself, though it is just one tif image. See previous post.)
– I have borrowed a lot of tif images from Lee (pan pots, mixer faders, and probably something else too), ru2b12 (button tifs), and TreyM (button tifs and some of his transport display stuff).

The theme is non-Retina (even if there are some @2x images included by accident).

Download it here.

If you want to try this… as always, MAKE A BACK-UP FIRST (and if you are not familiar with this thing, read the general instructions).






Kuvankaappaus 2013-9-20 kello 0.26.32

PS. If you wish to have the mixer gradient colors the other way round (and slightly modified), here is an alternative mapping.plist which makes the mixer look like this:

Kuvankaappaus 2013-9-20 kello 1.56.16

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