Some individual elements

Forwarding a post by Chris Brown

“Ok here’s the Rec / Mute / Solo buttons and a few more requests & goodies thrown in for those that don’t want the whole Theme. 

Remember to back up, and don’t throw the whole folder in, copy the files over to the correct spots, if you have questions please ask first 

Exs24 black&blue
Retro Synth Paint job
Alternative Trackheader & Master volume LED windows
Slight blue tweaks to Ultrabeat ( sorry, still no way to get rid of the red parts )
Alternative flat grey panner knob for my blue & grey theme
Black shiny insert buttons
Environment Mod
EQ Windows
Kim’s Orange focus pane & a brighter blue one from me.”

Download link: Mixed

Big synths 2s1u7mq.jpg dz739g.jpg 2z8oqxz 1g6ntl 27zf11d 2s1u7mq 23kri9t 2ymipvl 2d8s5mc

4 thoughts on “Some individual elements

  1. Yep there are instructions in the folders but also remember these are just add ons to my existing themes, so…. if you have my theme already working then it’s as simple as dropping the files in the same folder, overwriting the ones that are already there. Some of these colors may or may not match or complement someone else’s theme ( like the trackheader volume window for example, as it’s surroundings have been colored to match the grey of my theme ) but can easily be modified.

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