Bluesilver theme

Thanks to fcsoria for these two versions of “Bluesilver”.

download: Bluesilver V1


download: Bluesilver V2

For updated versions, see:


2 thoughts on “Bluesilver theme

  1. Outstanding job- it is really a fresh look and doesn’t try to be a “name” mixer. Originally I tried both and settled on the one with the smaller black pan knobs. I just loaded your update and accidentally put the blue mixer fader update on by mistake- but so far no problems with it and it looks awesome! Requests? The mixer plugin section is pale blue against black and is a bit difficult on the eyes- a sharper contrast would be cool for my tastes. The tan ruler bar (arrange window) seems a bit out of sync with your palette… the white mixer input is also a bit out of the color group but it is easy to read. The alternating two tones on some of the lists could be a little more varied (like Chris Brown did) and could be done in the event window too. Maybe like your region top in the inspector… and love the bright blue green lettering it’s easy to read! Seriously a very nice job! Look forward to more touches…. congratulations…. oh, one last thing… on the mixer fade colors… they are perfect… however I prefer to use the exponential mode and it switches it back to the old palette… please if you get to that it would be great, as I feel the faders work better in the exponential mode (for me)… thank you

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