Another colorful one

Many colorful elements in this one by yodamusic. Much stuff!

Download the theme here. (LINK FIXED)

“There is no theory behind the cars”, says yoda, so you are free to use this top header file instead of the one with the cars: File is here

Watch out for Animal on the drums!




6 thoughts on “Another colorful one

  1. I can’t get this one to work in Logic 10.0.4 – app opens but will not create a new session or display anything with an existing session. I can get all the other themes to work just fine. Seems the folder structure may be incorrect? I have tried lots of different times but no action.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I just opened it (using Logic Theme Switcher) last week and it worked (in 10.0.4). No idea why it does not work for you, sorry.

  3. Hi Jus – Nice Theme. You really know your way around in there. I’m fooling around with a theme and keep getting stuck. I see you were able to change the background color of the plugin header. I’d love to lighten that up. Could you tell me how you did that? Is is it a plist thing or is it a tiff? I just can’t find it.

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