Logic 9 theme for X

What many of you have been waiting for. Logic 9-ish theme for LPX by Chris Brown. Great work once again. With several minor variations and Environment mod as well.

For downloading, go here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ay6h0cmvlx1w6xp/NiCt9rqHH

(NOTE: This is a new download which should work in 10.0.5–10.0.6, even though it is based on the earlier MAResourcesMapping.plist).

Instructions by Chris:

1. Start with an Original LPX Version and make a backup of your ‘MAResources.framework’ folder

2. Add the contents of this Resources folder to the existing Resources folder found at the following location ( do not replace the folder with this folder, only modded files are included for the most part so just select all and copy over): Logic App / Contents / Frameworks / MAResources.framework / Versions / A / Resources

The Environment update goes in Logic App / Contents / Resources.

This mod will look it’s best along with Chris’ grey / blue Logic plugins mods which can be downloaded at this blog. 

Please contact Chris at Gearslutz  if you have any issues (or if you are not in a hurry, write below to let him know, he sometimes follows this blog).




4 thoughts on “Logic 9 theme for X

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