13 thoughts on “Pro Tools theme V2

  1. Great you adressed all my issues with the brighter writing, I have one small request if poss on the next one , please can you make the piano rioll divison lines darker so its easier to see . then if I could only also
    stop the dialogue box when entering ccs in the piano roll all would be perfect

  2. Hi Charlie,

    What I did in my version is to modify:

    Bargridline 0,22
    Beatgridline 0,10
    FormatGridline 0,5

    Then you can differentiate well the lines in the piano roll. You just need to modify the MAResourcesMapping.plist with Xcode. It is free and very easy (if you know the parameters of course:-)

    • thanks Rob,

      I worked it out with textwrangler , dont suppose you know how to change any of the colors in the piano roll such as the note velocity and or the modulation and expression cc
      also can you tell me where to find the fader knobs and the mixer and the level numbers and lines ( finding them a bit busy and more detail than I need)

  3. Hi Charlie, I am a noob at design. just found out the figures I gave you after a couple of hours trying. Sorry I can not help you with that.

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