Logic Theme Switcher

EDIT: With 10.0.7, please do NOT use the Theme Switcher app at this point, it has been reported that it does not work with 10.0.7. Wait for the developer’s instructions.

There is now a handy app for theme switching!

Go here to download it: http://lts.coldpressgroup.com/#

As always, first make a back-up and read the instructions.

Please note that the themes folder that the app uses and the app itself must locate on the same drive.

The app done by GearSlutz forum member birk. Cheers!

Ps. Why did I not try this earlier? This is brilliant.



23 thoughts on “Logic Theme Switcher

  1. It’s brilliant? so you’ve got it working?
    please post a step by step ’cause i have no clue how to get this to work, i’d love to try it but i’m not just gonna start moving stuff around and renaming Resourse folders on the fly during install, i’d like to organize my stuff the way the app asks for first, make back ups etc. before i click.
    Please post this, thanks!

  2. Hi,
    it doesn’t work for me … only get a green splash screen.
    When I check my ressources folder, it’s empty. Am on Mavericks
    Any clue ?

  3. I don’t want to appear condescending (probably ’cause I’m French), but thanks to you for this amazing app
    Cheers 🙂

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    • Hi,
      I’ve installed and used the switcher – it works great thank you! I have a problem though – I can’t find the backup of the original files and also when I use the reset function the switcher applies the first skin that I used with the switcher. Does anybody know where the switcher saves the back up copy – or does anybody have a link to the default resources file?

      Thank you in advance.

      • You should ask user “birk” from GS, he is the developer.

        I strongly recommend always making a back-up first. You are always safe if you have a back-up of the WHOLE Logic app (right-click > compress) before you mess with anything. Also, please use Time Machine.

      • Got it – thanks! I did manage to restore the folder via Time Machine today. I also have the switcher working properly now including rest! Thank you again for your help.

  6. Hey everyone! Thanks for the heads up about 10.0.7… I’ve suspended downloads and thrown a word of caution on the page. I’m working (slowly) on the update and it’s looking good but not ready for prime time. There’s been an unexpected lift in a personal music project of mine… please don’t fault me there!

    Please stay tuned. I may hack together a preliminary version to get past the 10.0.7 snag sooner rather than later. Thanks Again!!!

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