Warm grey theme: easy on the eyes, yet usable in daylight as well

Here’s my new theme. Warm (brownish) grey with colors. Designed with two things in mind:

1. Must be easy on the eyes (please use 45-70 percent of the led power of your iMac/Macbook).

2. However, must be good for daylight as well (even with the reflective screen of Macbook).

I have also tried to keep the general color tone consistent, hoping that instead of distracting you it may help you concentrate on the music.

Download here.

UPDATE! Version 2 with better piano roll: here. The updated piano roll can be seen below.

As always, make a back-up first. I recommend packing (to zip) the whole Logic folder, just in case you accidentally mess with wrong folders.

I have borrowed many basic elements from Matthew, Trey, Lee and others but done some modifications to those as well.

The theme has custom regions colors. If you don’t prefer those, I have included an alternative mapping.plist with the default region colors (drag it to the Resources folder).

Click photo to zoom in.




Näyttökuva 2013-11-26 kello 1.41.53


Näyttökuva 2013-12-1 kello 20.54.48

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