COMPILATION PACK (for 10.0.1–10.0.4)

EDIT: 10.0.5 seems to have broken the pan knobs in the mixer. Most of the themes with custom panners do not work properly from 10.0.5 onwards. Please look for the tag 10.0.5 (and onwards) in my posts. I will compose a pack later when there are enough tested themes for 10.0.5 and beoynd.



Here is a December gift: compilation pack including 24 of the themes that have been posted here (and first, at Gearslutz).

Use this pack with the Logic Theme Switcher. Follow the instructions given by birk (and watch the video).

Drag the themes in my zip to your themes folder that you want the switcher app to use.

The switcher app and this pack make trying different themes very easy. (Just note that the folder for these themes must be on the same drive than the switcher app.)

Some of the themes seen earlier at my blog have been left out because of technical reasons (too large, outdated download links etc.). See below what is included.

These include only the files which have been modified (not the default Resources). I have tested these all with the switcher (LPX 10.0.4., both Mountain Lion and Mavericks). The GUIs open and look as they should. If you have problems, triple-check that you followed birk’s instructions.

I strongly recommend making a back-up of the whole Logic app first (right-click > “compress” it).


I will add more themes to this compilation in the future.



9 thoughts on “COMPILATION PACK (for 10.0.1–10.0.4)

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  2. Just so I’m covering my bases… please avoid the Logic Theme Switcher app with 10.0.7 until further notice… I’ve suspended downloads and thrown a word of caution on the page. I’m working (slowly) on the update and it’s looking good but not ready for prime time.

    Please stay tuned. I may hack together a preliminary version to get past the 10.0.7 snag sooner rather than later. Thanks Again!!!

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