The commercial ones: Api Pro, (updated) Neve Pro Blue

Matthew, who has worked hard for several free themes (see my last post for those), is currently making also some “Pro” versions for 5 dollars each. These are more detailed as the free ones. Please see the screenshots below (the first one is Neve, the second the Api).

The Neve one might actually be his best yet, I think. (And as you know his free ones are not bad either, but all in top 10, indeed.) A minor criticism: personally I think that the pan knobs in both may be too overwhelming (but that is a matter of taste). And Matthew has got rid of the focus ring around the active window, which some people may like and others not. In any case great themes and extremely detailed work.

I will not add these to the collection as these are “commercial”, but if you want them, go here (my current pricing information is based on post #79) and contact Matthew30. Currently non-Retina only.


UPDATED Neve Pro Blue, changes marked (cheers, M.):


Original screenshots:

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