a small favor…? and 15 + 5 GB free cloud storage for you!

Hi guys. If you want to help me a little bit as a favor for keeping the blog, please use my referral link to join a new Dropbox-ish cloud service called “Copy”.

They will give you 15 GB free space right away + 5 more if you register using a referral link. Here is mine: https://copy.com?r=V4hRnB

You will get the extra 5 after you have installed their application (computer, iPad etc.) and verified you email. And then you can get another 5 (etc., they do not mention any limit) if people use your referral link.

I am planning to move the storage of this blog to Copy.com, as they seem to have no download limits when using shared links. (Currently I am paying for my Dropbox, one of the reasons being that the free version seems to have such download limits.)

Some basic information about Copy.com:
https://copy.com/6woOWkXA6pna (please do not register via these latter links; use the referral link above for the extra 5 gigas)

ps. This post is temporary and I will move it when the campaign is over.

6 thoughts on “a small favor…? and 15 + 5 GB free cloud storage for you!

  1. signed-up with your link…Didn’t see any link referal at first, but finally noticed a referal for JussO…I need need to find my glasses! Anyways I thought I might have used the wrong link by mistake… I just found this blog a couple of hours ago. I just upgraded to Logic X yesterday, so I’m looking around for interesting tweaks and or 3rd party addons etc. Is this site mostly skins+graphics? I suppose I could go look for myself! 🙂 Let me know if there’s a problem with your referal for my new Copy free account…thanks

    • Yep, I’m mike and I’m glad I used the correct link. I’m fairly new to wearing glasses and I catch myself squinting at the screen, trying to see what I’m doing, or see any typos in something I’m writting….before it dawns on me to go find some reading glasses!! I’m glad I stumbled through your blog. I’d never heard of Copy and I can use the space. I let someone fill up my and I lets someone fill up my free dropbox with mac files for the last year now…Let me know if ya ever need a pdf on anything mac related or any mac apps, etc. I might just have it…

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