Updating to 10.0.5?

EDIT: Oops, that below was too optimistic. Apple has done something with the pan knobs. They appear smaller, and in some themes out of place when turning them.

Ok, otherwise everything is in place but that is a problem to solve….

If you find this a problem, a temporary (though not good looking) solution is to use the default pan knobs: https://copy.com/1r9vpt1dXO0GRAPL (drag these to the Resources folder after you have installed the modded theme).

original post:

Do the themes  work after updating to 10.0.5? Yes, it seems they do. 

1) Before update, it might be a good idea to reset Logic GUI to the default one with Logic Theme Switcher, if you have been using it. (I don’t know if this matters at all, but I did it just in case.)

2) Once you have installed Logic, make a back-up of the whole app (“compress” it, for instance) or of the Resources folder (to find it, see my Install page). Or of both.

3) Start the Theme Switcher. Choose your favorite theme.

4) NOTE: When Logic is open, go to Preferences > Display > Editors and turn off the bright Piano roll option. If you don’t, you may have strange background flashes like this:


That makes sense, since all the theme mods have been made without the bright option on. With bright option off, the problem disappears.


3 thoughts on “Updating to 10.0.5?

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  2. As promised, I’ve checked the PlugIns/Resources folder.
    No issues after copying the whole bunch to version 10.0.5 … but the new EQ and other stuff are not effected. Probably they are hidden in the newly introduced “MAResourcesGB.framework” and/or “MAResourcesPlugInsShared.framework” within the “Frameworks” folder. I’ll check them out later.

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