A message to modifiers

Lately, since 10.0.5 which changed some things and broke some, it seems that the most active making free themes is fcasoria. I have done some mods, too, and Chris B. has updated his Logic 9 theme as well; Tooloud updated his black monster one. Matthew has his commercial ones. Otherwise, that seems to be it, as far as I know.

So, if any of you have

A) updated your theme that I have posted earlier, so that it is now based on the 10.0.5 MAResourcesMapping.plist and other Resources in 10.0.5 (solving the problem with the panners and other possible things), please pm me at Gearslutz, sending the download link and new screenshots (I can also give you my email then if you need it for some reason).

B) or made a completely new theme based on 10.0.5 mapping.plist, please do the same if you feel like sharing it via the blog.

Please make a zip that contains only the changed files.

I would also be very very happy to post packs of modded elements – such as panners (for a start) – for others (and myself) to use!!!

EDIT: And now when we have 10.0.6 out… It is a little hard to follow up!

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