CB Unity theme

A new one by Chris Brown. With instructions and optional mixer insert colors.

Precise work as always!

Download here.

Here is how it looks like with the Unity “default” inserts (click for larger pics):


Image   ImageImage    ImageImage  Image

And here are the optional inserts!

Image   Image

Last but not the least, there is an environment mod as well.


5 thoughts on “CB Unity theme

  1. It would be PERFECT if there was a numerical readout in the middle of the Pan Pots. I use that a lot. But it’s really nice on the eye Chris. Thanks again

    • I can add that no problem, i will upload just a modified plist later tonight, if i forget please remind me on the gearslutz forum, let me know if there’s any other things that bother you, thanks and glad you like it otherwise!

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