Pro Tools, Neve 73, Studer (commercial)

Matthew’s latest are Pro Tools (for 10.0.5 and beyond) and Neve 73.

Edit: now also Studer theme.

Go to his blog and donate 5 euros per theme:



11 thoughts on “Pro Tools, Neve 73, Studer (commercial)

    • He will send you the link. If you do not get it, go to Gearslutz and send a private message to member “Matthew_30”.

      (Please note that I don’t have anything to do with the business, I am just forwarding the information.)

    • Click donate on his site. 5 euros per theme. Write the theme(s) you want under “cel” (it is Polish and means ‘the aim’). The text in red (“Wpisz kwotę darowizny”) means just that you must give the amount of the donation.

      • Actually, on this level of details it takes quite a lot of time and to get there, it has taken much more.

        Everybody’s still free to not donate anything to Matthew and to make their own themes, though…

  1. Hello, I couldn’t pay for a theme because it says it doesn’t accept my card. I also can’t choose my country because it doesn’t have the United States in the drop down menu. I’m willing to pay but how do i get around this problem

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