PACK: 25 LPX themes for 10.0.5–10.0.6

Here is a compilation pack of 25 themes. 

All these should work in LPX 10.0.5 and 10.0.6.

Download here:

As always, back-up first. Only then install any of these.

There are 4 of older ones (based on an earlier version of MAResourcesMapping.plist) with which you may (or may not) get occasional flashes in case you have the bright option with piano roll on; then just uncheck the option in LPX preferences to turn it off. I have marked these zips with orange tag. Others are marked with green.

After unzipping, you can install and try them one by one (the way I have tested most of these). Or, use the Logic Theme Switcher.

If you are a beginner in changing the theme, see my installation instructions or take a look at this clear piece of advice.

Please see this and this and this post to find variations for ru2b12, CB LP9 and CB Unity themes. The variations are not included in the 25 pack.

Thanks to all the people who made these. You can find their names (or what they call themselves at Gearslutz or Logic Pro Help) in earlier posts.


Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 23.55.37


EDIT: updated version for Ableton theme (a bug fixed):

and alternative “Calcium” version:



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17 thoughts on “PACK: 25 LPX themes for 10.0.5–10.0.6

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  2. nice selection, i’ve tried all of them, unfortunately most of the heavily modified themes won’t let me see the pan value when i move the knob, also i really like the original gui, it’s just a bit too dark, i’ve screenshotted all the “brighter” themes and i’ve chosen the “Elektronman Bright (proll v1)”, for me is the one with the best visibility, thanks!!

    • Here’s how to make the pan value in any theme visible again…

      Read my “Modify” instructions.

      Then open the MAResourcesMapping.plist with Xcode and turn the numerals in the middle of the pan control on again… Find this:

      >>>>>NSColor sRGBColor:{255,255,255,0}

      The last value “0” refers to opacity. Instead of 0, type, say, 100. Hit “save”. Open Logic. Now you see it again. (If it is too bright, close Logic, type a lower value, hit save, open Logic.)

      • nice jus, thank you, thanks for the modify pack news too i think it’s time to make my own one. I’ve just installed Copy with your referral, so nice service, 15 gigs, bandwidth limit, bye bye crapbox 🙂

  3. download link not working for me today. tried multiple times but nothing shows up in the download page.

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