PACK: modification information

Some time ago, GS member CyX SenZe (I hope I got that right) made a “how to” pack for many things.

The mod pack may not cover all things you may need to find, yet a hell of a lot. Making it has taken days, probably weeks… It seems to include most (if not all) of the information that has been posted in the original GS thread. (Amazing, isn’t it?)

To download, go here:

To ask things from CyX SenZe, try here:

The pack includes fcasoria’s mod pics, originally posted here:

Actually, there’s so much information in the pack that I have not yet got time to go trough of it all…! For starters, read his information sheet (included in the download).

Many thanks to both, and also to Attracks pilot who helped with the pack at GS.

Näyttökuva 2014-2-28 kello 3.16.22

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