Before you update, make a back-up copy of the theme you use, i.e. the Resources folder (and plug-in mods, if you use them).

Just to be sure, I then replaced my Resources folder with the original 10.0.6 Resources folder. (This step might not be needed, but you’ll never know.)


Make a back-up copy of the whole Logic app (right-click > “compress”).

Drag the modded tifs and MAResourrcesMapping.plist from your theme to the new Resources folder. (If you can’t see from the time stamps, which tifs have been modified, re-download the theme, they usually have only the modified ones of the tifs.)

In 10.0.7, the mixer faders are slightly smaller than before. That may cause some issues in some modded themes. We’ll see. Please report below, or to the modifier at GearSlutz.

Do NOT use the Theme Switcher app at this point, it has been reported that it does not work with 10.0.7. Wait for the developer’s instructions.


2 thoughts on “UPDATING TO LOGIC 10.0.7

  1. Theme Switcher developer note… covering my bases… please avoid the Logic Theme Switcher app with 10.0.7 until further notice… I’ve suspended downloads and thrown a word of caution on the page. I’m working (slowly) on the update and it’s looking good but not ready for prime time.

    Please stay tuned. I may hack together a preliminary version to get past the 10.0.7 snag sooner rather than later. Thanks Again!!!

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