FREE THEMES FOR 10.0.7 (latest theme: Tascam)

I will collect here a list of old and some new themes that have been updated to 10.0.7.

Basically, the old ones for 10.0.5/10.0.6 should work (with minor glitches) but these will be more reliable and beautiful as always.

If not said otherwise, the download folder for all updated free themes (first versions of updates) is:

Go there and download the one you want. More will be added.

Modifiers, please read this and pm me:

THEMES FOR 10.0.7 

1. The ones close to the default one (minor modifications)

Custom Grey (a simple mod):

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 2.15.55


Custom Grey Light (a very simple mod to a simple mod…):

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 2.35.00

And here is a new addition: GS member martinvolt’s modification to Custom Grey with default piano roll colors (in my version above the piano roll colors are not the default ones). There is actually three versions in his zip pack; here’s one in which also the main (arrange) window background color has been modified:


2. Brighter than default (major modifications)

Lemoncel Lite X V2:

Lemoncel Lite X V2

Moondust (v3.0):

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 23.47.12

Moonlight (a variation of Moondust, v1.0):

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 3.49.55

Another screenshot of Moonlight:

Moonlight v1.1: replace the MAResourcesMapping.plist included in v1.0 download with this:

The difference is the light grey text color in bypassed insert (for in v1.0 it is black):

Näyttökuva 2014-5-21 kello 5.01.31

Blue Grey Theme by Chris B: 

ChrisB Blue Grey theme for 10_0_7

Bitwig Orange by Yuta:

Bitwig Logic

3. Dark(ish) themes (major modifications)

Tascam by tragbag:
Schermata 2014-10-27 alle 08.16.04

ru2b12 theme with bright green text (= “Bright Green Theme”), updated for 10.0.7 by Attracks pilot: 

Bright Green theme (ru2b12) with greenish Plug-Ins

4. Examples of Fcasoria themes:

Avalon Ultimate (v2.0) by Fcasoria:

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 0.04.34

Paris (v1.7) by Fcasoria:

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 1.43.39

There is also v2 of this theme, go here to see and to get it:

Ramses v2.0 by Fcasoria (to get this, go to


More Fcasoria themes – there are a lot more by now:

5. Other free stuff

Also Attracks pilot’s green plugin mods are known to work with 10.0.7. You can download them here:

Problems with any plug-in modifications have not been reported.

10 thoughts on “FREE THEMES FOR 10.0.7 (latest theme: Tascam)

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  3. After reviewing all of the themes, I think they are great! It is refreshing to see other color schemes and to be able to change them, WOW!!!

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