10.0.7 Themes (July)

Just an update on the situation of 10.0.7 themes at the moment. There are now several free and commercial themes, which have been modified specifically for 10.0.7. (The older ones may work with minor glitches.)

11 free themes (and counting) by Fcasoria: http://www.gearslutz.com/board/logic-pro-x/904900-all-fcasoria-logic-x-themes.html

7  free themes by others: https://logicxinterfaces.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/themes-updated-to-10-0-7/ (edit: + 3 minor modifications to Custom Grey theme)

8 commercial themes by Matthew (including “Pro Tools” and “Neve Pro” themes for Retina screens): http://logicproxthemes.blogspot.fi

Installation instructions: https://logicxinterfaces.wordpress.com/installation/
Remember always to back-up first, as said in the instructions.

For a taster, here is Fcasoria’s latest one, “Black Pearl”. Sweet, huh?




2 thoughts on “10.0.7 Themes (July)

  1. Is their anyone willing to make a black pearl exactly like version 10.7 for the new 10.1.1 will be willing to compensate for the work?

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