The update seems to break many, if not all, of our GUI hacks.

Update only if you are prepared to use the default GUI for some time. Some themes will be updated, many will not.

A great LPX update, though…

19 thoughts on “LOGIC 10.1 WARNING

  1. What causes this to happen? Would it be possible to just manually add in the custom .plist modifications and the modified .tif images to bypass this issue?

    • Awesome man! :)) It would be super cool if that was the key. I wouldn’t mind hand-punching in all the lines, even if there would be a shit load.

  2. I agree, tried it and it seems there are few things broken from Console…mostly with the top bar (buttons not loading) and left hand side Inspector (completely transparent!).

  3. What I found so far is that it is just a straightforward process, Max.
    So I have to dive in the Resources a little bit more.
    Btw: you can use DiffMerge to copy lines from the previous version of the MAResourcesMapping.plist into the 10.1 one.

  4. I’ve tried the mods (line-by-line) from ru2b12’s Bright Green Theme as well as my own; including the PlugIn-mods.

    Everything works fine; apart from the nasty OK-button while starting up. I managed to turn that one into green as well… but I lost that mod. :face palm:
    And since LPX 10.1 introduced some extra icons, my custom icons are a bit of a mess. But I’ll get that sorted later on.

      • I made a specified record – using Excel – of each modification; for entries in the plist as well as modified images. I did that for ru2b12’s Bright Green Theme as well as my own theme (which is partly based on ru2b12’s theme). I kept all modified images in separate folders (including the ones for the PlugIns) and that part was easy: just copying it to the right destination folder.
        Eventually, I used XCode to change the plist for both themes and it seems to work smoothly.

        Initially, I went through both plists (10.0.7 and 10.1) using DiffMerge, but I came to the same conclusion as Jus… much too much has changed. Although most changes are related to new functionality of course, some gradient entries are moved and I couldn’t find the left and right borders anymore for the Channel Strips.

        I didn’t test run all new features yet. But as soon as I encounter some bad issues, I will try to solve them.

      • Just curious, but you said you used Xcode to change the .plist for both files. Couldn’t you just do that with DiffMerge? It gives you the option of copy/paste the new lines and place them in the exact area of the other .plist. Just wondering if there is a better reason to use Xcode instead??

      • Well, that’s true. In fact, the number of changes is too much to handle with DiffMerge. Besides, some items would override new entries; especially within the custom icons section.
        That’s why I gave it a try with Xcode.

      • Ok well I placed all the new lines with DiffMerge, and added all the modified .tifs and everything seems to have worked out very well. I’m gonna keep my eye out and see if any problems arise while I work. But so far, so good! Using DiffMerge wasn’t too bad. I just had to carefully watch out for the lines that I didn’t need in 10.1 and added all the ones that were missing while avoiding changing the gradient values of the old .plist.

  5. Ok well sounds like you guys have made some progress! Now im gonna clench my butt-cheeks and give it a go. I’m not using any of the themes from the website since I have made my own so I hope it works. @Attracks Pilot: DiffMerge? Never heard of it, I’ll give it a try!

  6. I had a look at it. Apple has changed A LOT in the playlist, and I have to modify my MAResourcesplist starting from the ground… Some of you modifier guys may be luckier. I already tried the easy way, that is, comparing the changes between 10.0.7 and 10.1 using DiffMerge and then adding the changes carefully to my old modified plist. The result was a complete mess (no visible GUI at first, then a very heavy one and a transparent Inspector, LOL!). So I must go via the long way…

  7. Guys, please inform me (“Jus”) about your completed updates at Gearslutz. If possible, send me a download link which I can use here (Dropbox or Copy.com preferred, Mediafire sucks) and screenshots, thank you! If you do not have Dropbox/Copy, I can also upload it to my own account after getting it from you.

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