Themes for 10.1(.1): Custom Grey Light

Two versions. The first one with the default Piano Roll, the second one with a new custom Piano Roll (scroll down for that).

Make a back-up of your Logic folder (use “compress”) or at least of the Resources folder, then drag the included plist to the Resources folder, hit replace.

Known to work in 10.1.1.

Please note: If you have not ever read my general installation instructions, read them now to find the right Resources folder:


Dowload link:

This is a really simple mod. Just for fun, I’ll explain it. All the values you need are under ”Colors”:

Arrange > Background:

– change the value to 105, 100

Mixer > Channel Strip BG:

– change the value to 88, 100

Mixer > ChannelStrip_BG_Gradient > gradient:

– under ”item 0”, change the color value to 82, 100

– under ”item 1”, change the color value to 94, 100

TrackHeader > GradientBottom AND GradientTop:

– overwrite GrayColor with this: sRGBColor:{87,87,87,100}

TrackHeader > SelectedGradientBottom:

– change the value to 110, 100

TrackHeader > SelectedGradientTop_

– change the value to 132, 100

That’s it! Looks like this:

Näyttökuva 2015-01-24 kello 14.04.21

Näyttökuva 2015-01-24 kello 14.03.49


Download link:

To use this piano roll in any other modification, open the MAResourcesmapping.plist in XCode, copy “PianoRoll” under “Colors” and paste it in your own theme (after first trashing the default “PianoRoll”).

The dark option:

Näyttökuva 2015-01-24 kello 14.10.47

The bright option:

Näyttökuva 2015-01-24 kello 14.10.31


13 thoughts on “Themes for 10.1(.1): Custom Grey Light

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  2. Guys, please, how precisely to install this mod? I have to modify some *.plist file or just to drag MAResourcesmapping.plist in Logic>Contents?
    Tnx all

  3. guys i fucked up…. is anyone that kind and upload the original “resource folder” on dropbox or somewhere i want to go back to original or at last have a copy of that folder..

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