Themes for 10.1: Matthew’s commercial ones

Forwarding Matthew’s note:

These themes are adapted to the newest version of  Logic Pro X 10.1.0.:

–  ProTools V3.1 Theme  (retina, non retina)  
–  Chandler V2  Theme    (retina, non retina)  
–  Logic Pro 9 Theme V1.3   (retina, non retina)  
–  Neve Pro V2.2   (retina, non retina)  
–  SSL 9000  Theme V1.1   (retina, non retina)
– Neve 5088 Theme (retina, non retina)
– SONAR Pro X Theme (retina, non retina)

–  …………

Get them here:
http://logicproxthemes.blogspot.comIf you have not bought them before: Click donate on his site. Write the theme(s) you want under “cel” (it is Polish and means ‘the aim’). The text in red (“Wpisz kwotę darowizny”) means just that you must give the amount of the donation needed (the prices vary according to the theme).

To be clear, the site and the business is his, not mine. He will send you the download link. In case of any problems, he is this guy:

If you need a download links to update the ones you have bought before, contact Matthew.

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