EXS24 skin by Ploki

Logic Pro Help user Ploki has made a truly modern looking skin for EXS24.

The original download link:  http://www.logicprohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=97685&start=380#p583894
Dropbox download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rl7wr0kygp6a6ig/exs24_lpx.rar?dl=0

Installation: “It’s a .rar archive. Just unpack and replace LPX.app>Contents>Plugins>exs24.res>Contents>Resources”
As always, remember to back-up first.

Ps. There’s also another ES2 skin, which you can download here: http://soniqa.net/lpxthemes/


11 thoughts on “EXS24 skin by Ploki

  1. i’ve downloaded the skin, and it works fabulously. but i don’t see the file that alters the thumb sliders in the modular router. how are those altered. and do you have any idea where to access the font choices for the exs24. i’ve searched Maresourcesmapping.plist and cannot find it.

    • @collin bragdon: you can’t change the thumb sliders unfortunately 😦 I just included them in the mockup how I’d like them, if I could change them.

    • Hi, sorry I don’t check here regularly. No, no ES2 skin.
      I can check how many resources are similar enough to replicate and maybe I can make it.

      Since I used palettes and symbols a new color scheme would be fairly easy to make, just pick a set of colors.

      I won’t be doing anything by winter since I have some work to do, i’ll look into ES2 then

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