Themes for 10.1.1: Sunlight

I wanted to try something a little bit different for a change… and for the summer. If you feel like making music outside in bright daylight (indeed, sunlight) with your Macbook, you may have some use for this, I guess.

In this “Sunlight” theme the main trick is that everything active or chosen is marked with yellow text. There are also one or two similar modifications which I hope prove to be functional in terms of workflow. And as you can see, this one is a bright one.

The zip includes two alternative versions, the other one has a custom color picker.


PS. Additional alternative: if you want a sunny pan knob (see the last screenshot), throw this in as the last one:
.. And then you might also want to use faders, which are a tiny bit brighter:

Screenshot 2015-06-05 20.01.52

Screenshot 2015-06-05 19.57.04

Screenshot 2015-06-05 19.58.48

Screenshot 2015-06-05 20.07.20

Screenshot 2015-06-05 21.17.15

3 thoughts on “Themes for 10.1.1: Sunlight

  1. Would like to see a black font on the track headers and a light background with black fonts for the browser. But at all really fine!

    • The former is easy to do, the latter may be too tricky to think through… I will take a look at it next week. Thanks for your opinion!

      • Thanks for the answer. What I really would like to see is a Logic where all buttons are as they are from Apple but with the pastel colors of REASON for arrange, browser end track header. I write this wish every week to Apple with no response 😉


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