LPX 10.2 OUT

Hi all,

So after 8 months of 10.1, 10.2 is out. I haven’t downloaded it yet, but I am 99 % sure that the old themes won’t work properly with it. Or not at all. With such new features as user custom icons, there must be many changes in the MAResourcesmapping.plist. That is why.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

To update our themes to 10.2, we must very likely start with the new .plist. Personally, that will take some time. I don’t know yet which of my themes I will update, but I haven’t got time for many. Give me a shout if you are a user of a particular theme, and I will see in some weeks… or months… what I can do.

21 thoughts on “LPX 10.2 OUT

  1. I just installed Custom Extra Light Gray and all looks to be the same on 10.2… It is my favorite theme so I hope there are no major issues

    • No major but yes there is one I have encountered .
      With the new Button on the Snap menu, for exemple.
      In place of a button there is a “B,,” stuff 😉

      So I decided to launch Xcode and follow the instructions to edit the Map Resource p.list .
      Not so hard, and it’s ok .

  2. I tried to implement ru2b12’s Bright Green Theme… but it is absolutely broken in LPX 1.2.
    Perhaps the images are renamed. I’ll give it a try later this week… but no guarantees so far. 😉

    • Oh and does anybody know the location of the color for the inspector background? The old name isn’t changing the color so it must have been changed.

      • Well, not that many differences regarding the plist and images between 10.1.1 and 10.2, but I still can’t figure out why the Channel Strips in the Inspector doesn’t change together with the ones in the Mixer.
        Besides, I discovered that some buttons in the selected Channel Strip in the Mixer don’t change as well.

      • Hi Jeff,

        Actually, I am travelling right now… So I can’t reach my studio.
        But by heart, I remember that you have two entries in the plist. One is called something like ‘ChannelStripBGGradient’. The other is something like ‘ChannelStripBG’. What I did is making the latter one equal to the average of the values, specified in the first one. Hope this helps.


      • Sorry Jeff.
        I forget to come back on this issue after my trip.
        This is the real answer:
        You have two entries in the MAResourcesMapping.plist. One is called ‘ChannelStrip_BG_Gradient’. The other one ‘ChannelStrip_BG’. What I indeed did is making the latter one equal to the average of the values, specified in the first one.

  3. Attracks – you did get back to me with that very info a while back. I don’t see the post here, so it might have been on Gearslutz.

    I have another one for you. In the piano roll when the controller lane is open, there is an area in the lower left hand corner where you choose what controller you want to edit. I can’t for the life of me find what ten I need to edit that background color. Do you know. I can’t seem to upload a pic here, so here’s the link to my post on Gearslutz. I’d really appreciate you taking a look.


    Thanks –

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