Musik Lover theme (Dark/Lite) + icons

Here are two versions of a new theme modified by GS member MusikLover. Also, some custom icons.

Download links:



Custom Icons:…SvdrWqoPa?dl=0

He says that there are “Hard Coded” icons, as well as “Soft Coded”.

“What I mean by Hard-Coded is that I actually replaced some of those baked into Logic’s Code.
The Soft-Coded items are a separate file and can be added to your Music Folder in: [User]/Music/Audio Music Apps/Custom Icons Folder.”

Please note that he (or she, I don’t know really) uses installation method A. See my “Install page”. You have to replace the whole resoirces folder (after backing it up) (be sure you really back it up, and not just make an alias).

Installation instruction also below, given by MusikLover.

“The usual drill applies. Navigate as follows:
1. Right Click on the Logic App you wish to change; I’d strongly recommend just duplicating the entire app on your drive (this way, you’ll too have both your original and this newer version.) Duplicate twice if you plan to check out both Darker & Lite.
2. Show Package Contents from the Menu
3. Open the Contents Folder
4. Open Frameworks Folder
4. Double Click on MAResources.framework
5. Open the Versions Folder
6. Open the A Folder
7. Duplicate the Resources Folder
8. Delete the Original Resources Folder
9. Copy either the Darker or Lighter Resources folder into A
10. Load Logic
11. If things are amiss, just go back to the A Folder, delete the newly replaced Resources folder, and rename the duplicated copy from Resources Copy to just Resources.”

If any questions, ask here:

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 21.39.08

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 21.46.12
Soft Coded Icons

Hard Coded Icons

7 thoughts on “Musik Lover theme (Dark/Lite) + icons

  1. Hi there, these links no longer work. Desperately trying to find a new theme but I’m on 10.2. I don’t want to upgrade to El Capitain because of the know issues with it. Do you know where I can get themes for 10.2 please? I’m happy to pay

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