Custom Grey Light for 10.2.1

Hi folks,

Logic was updated today. Here is Custom Grey Light modification for 10.2.1. Follow the usual installation procedure beginning from back-up (see “Install” at the top right corner).


Looks exactly the same as before, except that Apple has made some changes to the default GUI (blue button for automation, etc.).

NOTE: If after unzipping the file shows up as “MAResourcesMapping.plist.txt”, you should delete the “.txt” part!



13 thoughts on “Custom Grey Light for 10.2.1

  1. Hi Jus,
    Did you encounter any ‘surprises’ or was the update/conversion quite straightforward?
    I’ll try to update ru2b12’s Bright Green theme over the weekend. (That’s why I raise this question.)
    The PlugIns will take much more time, I’m afraid.

    • If you compare 10.2.0 and 10.2.1 plists, most of the changes are non-substantial, like adding “.0” to some values or adding a space between the font’s name and something else.

      They have changed the automation button tif to “blue” where it previously was “yellow”, and something like that, too.

      Some new strings have been added, concerning automation track/region behaviour and some minor things. Comparing in DiffMerge will tell you.

      Btw, I have forgotten what is the string for the text in empty mixer slots (“Audio FX”, “Send” etc.), the one which shows up if you hide Legend in Mixer. Do you happen to remember? I would like to hide that from my other theme.

    • It does not say “. txt” here, but if it does, do as Sangeet says!

      EDIT: oh I see what you mean, after trying with my laptop. I guess it opens as “txt” if your default app for plist files is TextEdit. Anyway, I’ll change the link to a zipped file, we’ll see if that solves the behaviour.

      Thanks for noticing.

  2. Hi Jus,
    First thank you for all your previous work, and for addressing this so quickly, i was quite nervous when i saw the Logic update…i downloaded both gentle gray and custom light gray to dropbox and sync’d, and tried to download to my computer, there was no resource folder in the zip, only various files.

    I still have a pre update copy of logic that functions with the last mod so i’m lucky:-)
    Was wondering if anyone else found no resource folder in the zip, or have i done something wrong?
    All The Best, Mark

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