Gentle Grey for 10.2.1

Here’s version A. (I might make some improvements later, but that should be good enough for now.)


See top right corner for installation instrutions.

Please note that this one is made for non-Retina screens. A Retina version will be available later on.

Screenshot 2016-01-21 03.00.22.jpg


Screenshot 2016-01-21 02.57.33.jpg


Screenshot 2016-01-21 03.01.47.jpg


3 thoughts on “Gentle Grey for 10.2.1

  1. for some reason, the plugin bypass buttons don’t show up properly on retina as well as the pane color for the window selection

    • Sorry, this is non-Retina. Most of the free themes are.

      EDIT: I’ll correct that. At the moment, Bright Green, MusikLover themes and my Custom Grey Light seem all to be compatible with both, non-retina and retina.

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