Ru2b12 Bright Green for 10.2.1

Updated, again, by Attracks Pilot.

Download and follow the usual installation procedure (see “Install” above):


It should look the same as before, I guess!

5 thoughts on “Ru2b12 Bright Green for 10.2.1

  1. I’ve done most of my edits just need to change the text color, midi and track inspector bg color and browser bg color .
    any help please?

    • “track inspector bg color” in MAResourcesMapping.plist find string “Inspector_BG”
      and change GrayColor:{68, 100} or You can use this format “sRGBColor:{R,G,B,L}” (RedGreenBlueLuma = 0 – 255 use Photoshop to define needed colour)

  2. A few days ago, I discovered that I missed an item when upgrading ru2b12’s Bright Green theme.
    In order to patch that one, just enter ‘sRGBByteColor:{80,104,50,100}’ at Root => AssetSets => Colors => Selections => browserSelection in the well known plist.
    Sorry for that!
    I’ll include it in the next version, of course.

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