BlackGold theme (works in 10.2.4)

EDIT:  Download here for 10.2.3 and 10.2.4:



A new one by Chris Brown. Made for 10.2.1 but should work perfectly in 10.2.2 as well (see previous post).

He has an eye for this, hasn’t he?

Download for 10.2.2:

Follow the usual procedure and back-up your LPX app before doing anything.



30 thoughts on “BlackGold theme (works in 10.2.4)

  1. Hey, just wanted to thank you a lot for this wonderful theme! Also, if it’s not a hassle, is it possible to make the regions a little transparent? just in the sense where you can see the grid lines under the waveforms… like Pro Tools.
    It’ll help me align waveforms clearly without having to chop up all the regions. Once again, thanks a lot, you rock dude!

    • Unfortunately there’s no way to change the colors or transparency of the Regions in Logic X, its a much asked for feature, and hopefully in a future update we may see it, fingers crossed.

    • The option is only available if you are using a retina display. If so, right click on the Logic Pro X icon in your HD/Applications folder, select “Get Info.” A window will open displaying various information, select the tab for General, and located at the bottom of that section is a box you can select entitled “Open in Low Resolution,” right about “Locked.”

  2. THIS IS DOPE! BUT QUESTION! need help changing the arrange grid background color to almost true black or dark charcoal ish, any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks _JSHACK

  3. Hi Chris, thanx for sharing your work. Great job, well done. There is only one thing that I wan’t to edit the color of the insertslots. It will be very cool when can tell me how I can do that. Best regards from Germany Andy

  4. Hi, I need to know how can I change the grey of the arrange-window? Is this a tiff or is it in the MARecourcesMapping.plist? And how to change the color of the songpositionline in the arrange-window? Greetz Andy

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