Information on LPX 10.2.3 and 10.2.4

There will be some updates for the 10.2.1/10.2.2 themes you see in this blog.

Otherwise, they won’t work in 10.2.3. or 10.2.4.

Chris has already updated his Black Gold theme and made a new one, which both work in 10.2.4.


Personally, I will update  my Logic in late August. That is, Gentle Grey and Custom Grey Light will not be updated by me until then.

However, it is quite easy to update the latter yourself. This is how you do it:

Read “Modify” (link above).

Make these changes to the MAResourcesmapping.plist in question. This is a really simple mod. All the values you need should (still) be under ”Colors”:

Arrange > Background:

– change the value to 105, 100

Mixer > Channel Strip BG:

– change the value to 88, 100

Mixer > ChannelStrip_BG_Gradient > gradient:

– under ”item 0”, change the color value to 82, 100

– under ”item 1”, change the color value to 94, 100

TrackHeader > GradientBottom AND GradientTop:

– overwrite GrayColor with this: sRGBColor:{87,87,87,100}

TrackHeader > SelectedGradientBottom:

– change the value to 110, 100

TrackHeader > SelectedGradientTop_

– change the value to 132, 100



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