Alchemy-inspired theme by

EDIT2: There was a problem with this, but it seems that Plugmon has solved it. “There is a new version now that actually works”, as is said below in the comments.

A free Alchemy-inspired theme for 10.2.4. Note: Retina only!

Go here to get it:



15 thoughts on “Alchemy-inspired theme by

  1. On a hunch I did a test and sure enough this Alchemy theme is compatible with Logic 10.1.x only. I actually rolled back to Logic 10.1.1 just so I could try Plugmon’s Orange Bitwig retina theme which is quite lovely! I hope he eventually updates both of these themes for 10.2.4 soon.

  2. Looks like Plugmon has taken down the downloads for all their logic skins (their bitwig es2 skin also had a less fatal problem) so hopefully that means they’re fixing them and not just giving up because this skin is Gorgeous

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