Moon Colour theme

I was quite happy with my Gentle Grey theme, it seems, as I used it for a year or so. Well, now I have published the album I worked for years, and I am ready to move to something new… beginning with a new theme!

Not completely new, though. This reminds a lot the “Moondust” and “Moonlight” themes I sometimes had. Merely  a bit more colours.

You will notice that I have “deleted” a lot of extra instructional text from the mixer. The main principle is that your attention will be given to those things which are active.

Non-retina only.

Download here:

Back-up Logic app (make a copy or compress) and see the installation instructions on the top right corner.

Note that I am using my slightly customed colour picker for region and track colours. If you would like to have the theme with the default colour picker, tell me below and I can make the mappingplaylist needed for that.








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