Nebula browser mod

(This is slightly off topic as it is related to a 3rd party plugin.)

If you want to modify your Nebula3 or the new N4 so that the Nebula browser will show the gear of the 3rd party programs (see AlexB, Tim PetherickCupwiseCDSoundMaster etc.) by its real name (and not the copyright-wary fake name), you need to modify the Rom.xml file.

The file is here on Mac (Windows users can tell the location in comments below):
Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Presets > Acustica Audio > Nebula3 OR 4 > Dictionaries

As always, back-up the file before modifying.

Open it with the free Xcode or some other editor.

Here is what I did. I modified everything between and so that it looks like this:

And here is what I have as a result in N4 (vintage browser version shown):

Screenshot 2017-10-12 19.29.19

Henry Olonga library:

Screenshot 2017-10-12 00.40.38


Cupwise and N4 compressors (for the exception of one program of Violet) are under “DYN  Cupwise and N4:”.

Note that in my list also some default tags have been modified or deleted because of the needs of 3rd party libraries and a well-organised browser. If there are several command lines for the same tag (like “ALT”, for instance) in the Rom file, Nebula will follow the latter line.

The simpliest way to use my list is to replace the default Rom with my Rom file. Download using the first link above. I recommend this option (just be aware what I just said about deleted or modified default tags, so you will not be surprised).

Or, you can open my and the default Rom with your chosen editor and  copy-paste what you have and want to use (place all between   and ). (Then you will have some double command lines, though, as said.)

I made this Rom in the N4 version but I have copy-pasted it also to my  Nebula3 Rom.xml. Both work fine. It took me some nights and detective work; I hope I got them right!

If you don’t have all the 3rd party stuff I have, yet like the way I have organised the library, there is no harm for the extra tags. The ones you have not bought yet just don’t show up in Nebula browser/finder until you have the programs themselves.

And in turn, if you have some stuff I don’t have, you can still start with my Rom.xml – just add your stuff, then, following the same logic.



If you want to have the tags for Henry Olonga library only (available for free/donation) and nothing more, copy these into your Rom file:
(Some double tag problems mentioned above are possible while choosing this copy-paste route. But it’s not that serious. You’ll just notice while using if some tag does not show up in the way it is modded here. Then go and look for the double one and delete it.)

PS. To install your Nebula libraries on external drive, see the first post here:


4 thoughts on “Nebula browser mod

  1. I noticed that both Henry’s Tape Sim and Tim Petherick’s Vari-Level comp use M1 an M2 tags.

    So I should perhaps change the first rows relating to Henry’s Tape sim to:
    Meter1(TimP) / M1T1(HO)
    Meter1(TimP) / M2T1(HO)

    HO’s other folders at the same directory level will tell anyway what “M” and “T” in his case mean.

    I have not yet made this change to my Rom, though.

  2. Nice one, I can´t see any difference with the EAR reverbs though(which is the only thing on this list I own so far). Still the same old general type names, also when reading the file I can´t see anything more than the 6 reverb categories, no actual preset names. Maybe I´m missing something?

    • The names of the programs stay the same. This applies only to categorization. The categories “Ambiences” / “Halls” / “Rooms” etc. have to have the general name because other programs use the same codes as well. So the only thing that has been changed in this case is the first level: you should find Ear library not under “EAR (EAR)” but under “REVERB Ear Lib (EAR)”.

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