LPX 10.3. update

logic-pro-macbookpro-front-view…is out.

The old mods will absolutely NOT work with the new version, I’m 99 % sure, I will not even try.

Let’s see if or when there will be mods for 10.3.

EDIT: It seems to me that with all these new color and brightness settings you can make Logic look quite a bit cleaner, and the arrange/tracks area as bright (or dark) as you want. An example:



15 thoughts on “LPX 10.3. update

  1. I see. Personally, I’m quite happy with the new interface. No overt use of that horrifying electric blue (the new tone is better) and not the son of Darth Vader anymore. Now there is no need for my “Custom Grey Light” basic modification at all.

    In the long run, I will make some minor mods (like separate insert color for instruments) but first I’ll give this a go. It’s a GREAT update, perhaps the best ever: playlists (“Track Alternatives”), selection-based editing (which has an A/B, and a copy-paste feature), a choice between real panner and the old balance pot, fades and copy-paste possible in take folders (if I understood roght, have not yet tried this), more busses and better organisation for busses, a “recent” column while choosing plugins, a possibility to copy only the plugin chain or only the sends of the channel strip, etc.!!! Also, it immediately felt snappier, and I think this is not just a placebo effect.

  2. It looks like the darkest you can make it is the same as the “dark” option button choice.

    I’d be happy if I could locate the entry that defines the range of the “custom” slider so I could make it all darker,but I’m not finding it.The arrange page looks a bit washy on my monitor. Right now the MAResourcesMapping.plist entry –


    Seems to have no effect on the arrange background like it used to, but it does alter the background in the Global area as expected. I had the arrange set at GrayColor(20,100) which might be a bit dark, but it worked with the darker 10.2.4. IF I could only get it a bit darker , like GrayColor(40,100) say…

    any help appreciated!

  3. Ive been working on a very dark theme which I have done comparing the plist and copied over images from 10.2.4 but can’t get the text in the inserts working correctly any masters who can help thanks

  4. OK so I was able to darken the arrange background- but it’s an ugly fix. I went into the prefs and altered an entry.


    -entry named “TracksBackgroundCustomBrightness” .

    The darkest setting is “.18” which is the same value as the “dark” setting. I ended up changing it to “.11” which got me a bit darker. The pref entry WILL get overwritten if you move the “custom slider” under display, so all you need to do is choose the “custom” setting and it should go to the value you specify by hand inside of pref’s. Like I said-ugly fix but it’s working. The entry seems to survive a quit, so once you’ve specified the entry manually, you should be all set.

  5. I’ve been making a new theme for a while and I’m stuck. I can’t find one certain part. It’s the resize bar that wraps around all of the windows and also resizes the piano roll window. It’s grey by default but I have looked in .plist and in the resources folder and CANNOT find it. I see others have found it as I can see the color changes in different themes. Can someone help me with this one? Thank you!

  6. GREY!!!!!!!!!!! BLACK!!!!!!! When will logic make a interface that you can change as you like???? Feeling bored looking at a boring screen.

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