This blog is basically a collection of links to different themes for Logic Pro X general user interface (= gui). In addition to that, we will post some individual modded elements that can be easily used in LPX gui instead of the original ones, and share some tips how to mod the gui.

Thanks to the users who have kindly shared their modifications (and special thanks to Lee Wilson, who opened the can). Most of the original links and general discussions about the mods can be found at the Gearslutz and Logic Pro Help custom gui threads.

To get started, you should read the Installation and Modification pages first. 

Please note that screwing around with an application’s resource files – when you don’t quite know what you are doing – can cause the application to misbehave; thus all modifications are used at the users own risk. Always make a back-up of the default “Resources” folder before you change anything. It may also be a good idea to “duplicate” Logic app or “compress” (zip) the whole Logic app, thus making a back-up of the whole application. Also, use Time Machine just before you do anything. Back-up neurotically, rather than not at all.


The blog is not officially related to Apple, it has been inspired by the creativity of the user community.

Have fun!


45 thoughts on “Note

  1. Thanks so much for this resource! Have you found a way of making the M(ute) and S(olo) buttons smaller in the arrange window? Can’t tell if its text with an overlay or graphic file. Trying to gain back some real estate.


  2. Tried to installing these, followed the instructions, but when trying to re-open logic, the logo just bounces once and nothing happens.

    Any help? would really like the neve one to work!


  3. Are you absolutely sure you used this folder:
    Logic X Pro

    AND that you started with the default one?

  4. Also, always check if the theme download contains a) the WHOLE Resources folder, or b) just the items that have been changed.

    In my instructions, this means: “6) Now simply drag a) the new Resources folder into the Logic folder called “A”, or b) the new tifs and plist to the default Resources folder.”

  5. Hi jus, I’m working on a mod and get this strange issue: every time I scroll (inside arrange) my midi and audio data on the tracks get like transparent trace marks despite Retina or Normal screen.

    Am I doing something wrong here?

    PS: I realised this after a screwed around with “AssetSets>Colors>Arrange>Background (changed it to sRGB) and AlignmentGuide”.
    I’m not sure if ‘AlignmentGuide’ was the culprit.


  6. I remeber having the same issue. Did not get rid of it, so I changed the background color back to grey. Oddly enough, many of us seem not to have the problem…?

  7. Bad experiences from these installs … not very well explained or packaged. Although with good intention, these poorly executed mods run the risk of messing up peoples file systems … I tried two versions of your mods and parts were missing, downloaded files included empty folders. Wasted an hour minutes of valuable time when I could have been making music. Thankfully I have several SSD Restore disks to rectify the problems these badly executed mods caused. Others may not be so lucky. You’ve been warned.

  8. No, YOU have been warned. Above it says: “Please note that screwing around with an application’s resource files – when you don’t quite know what you are doing – can cause the application to misbehave; thus all modifications are used at the users own risk. Always make a back-up of the default “Resources” folder before you change anything.”

    On the Installation instructions page: “3) Make a back-up. Inside “A” there is a folder called “Resources”. Option-drag this to the desktop to make a back-up copy. Make sure you’ve made a copy of this folder containing the standard gui resources and not just an alias. IT MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA TO PACK (ZIP) THE WHOLE LOGIC APP FIRST in case you accidentally mess with wrong folders.”

    Also, please see these, so you get an idea why files may be “missing”: “5) Download the gui file from the link. Once downloaded, unzip the file. This will give you either a) a new folder called “Resources” or “Resources_for_the_most_brilliant_theme” or something like that; or b) tif image files and a plist-file.
    6) Now simply drag a) the new Resources folder into the Logic folder called “A”, or b) the new tifs and plist to the default Resources folder.”

    Another thing, as I state clearly the mods are not mine but come from the user community.

    Please learn to read.

    • Jus,

      don’t get me wrong, this site has been setup with ‘good intentions’ – however all the themes should be better packaged and instructed. I believe the problem lies squarely with having links to ‘other peoples’ zipped files. Sadly, this external files come from ‘modifiers’ who may omit components, or may have other parts and updates lurking in other downloads. It’s messy and amateur. Its also clear these modifiers have no programming experience what-so ever. Lets be clear about what they are actually doing here – right clicking on an application icon and dragging the ‘Tiff’ images from the resource files into Photoshop / illustrator and tweaking the colours / graphics is not programming. Its a grown up version of ‘colouring in.’ Its just a shame the people doing it can’t be bothered to put the crayons back neatly in the box when they’ve finished! Its that simple.

      • Who has said that it would be something else than colouring? These are done by the user community, for other users, that has been said quite clearly I think. Users are welcome to use these in the case they prefer themes by amateurs compared to Apple’s GUI by the Dark Lord.


        Was that clear enough? 😉

  9. Ward, it’s this simple: quit whining. You clearly don’t know what you are doing, so don’t blame your problems on this site. Jus clearly explains all of this in the blog, and warns of the dangers. I managed to read this site, install all the themes, and enjoy a nice expression of creativity outside of Apple. If it’s not for you, put your files back to stock, and go create something other than negativity.

    If the files are dragged into the proper folder, they will replace the existing files. If you don’t like the changes, put the originals back. Nobody is forcing you to use these.

  10. Eric, this isn’t a ‘whine’ – its a genuine complaint with some valid points. I’m trying to suggest a way in which you organise the files so that others – like myself – don’t waste valuable time downloading and installing files that are either incomplete or badly packaged. I wasted an hour yesterday and no doubt others have done the same. For that reason I shall not be returning here to waste any more time with this ‘grown up colouring in and leaving all the crayons in the wrong boxes.’

  11. I went through nearly all the themes that are still available. Every single one I tested works after installing – following either the instruction manner a) replace the whole Resources folder, or b) drag the modded files to the Resources folder. It seems to me you have not followed the instructions.

    The people who modified these have modified what they found important to modify and what they knew how to modify, otherwise the themes use default resources. And I can assure you that THEY used hell of a lot more than one hour in doing that… If you only knew.

    Having said that, with birk’s new app there is a possibility to develop a compilation of several themes, so that users can try out these themes easily and in an organised way. I will be back with that in the weeks to come.

  12. Hi Jus, it’s nep5ound here hope everything is going well.
    Reason I’m writing is that I think there might be a more simplistic way of explaining the manual installation process, it could make a difference.. for those who really don’t get it. Please dot get me wrong, I’m not saying that there is something wrong with it on this site… personally fist time I got your instructions worked beautifully.

    I think if you throw…

    The manual installation of a custom theme is a two step procedure.

    1. Make a backup copy of original (B).

    2. Replace: copy contents of A (downloaded) and paste into B (desired).

    … some where before your steps 1) 2) 3) etc.

    What I mean is it will give a them a visual map which will help them understand/follow your steps /instructions.

    Let me know what you think?

  13. Hmm, I did not get those…! 😀 There could be a pdf with screenshots or something, surely.

    However, now when we have the Logic Theme Switcher app, I recommend (see the bolded part above) making a back-up copy of the whole Logic app (right-click > “copy” or “compress”) and then downloading the Switcher app and the compilation pack (adding the newer themes to the compilation pack). And using the Switcher according to the instructions given by “birk” (the developer). So that is a slightly different process, and easier overall.

  14. How you modify the file browser on the right of Logic, I would like it brighter but I don’t find it in the color folder of MAResourcesMapping.plist
    Many thanks,

    • Incase you haven’t figured it out:

      AssetSets > TableView > RaizedDark … play around with “controlAlternatingRowColor” and “controlBackgroundColor”. You can also play around with others to get a more custom look.

  15. Hey Jus, Do you know any way to stop the greying out of the other region colors when you solo one? We mix in stems which are color coded and when you select and solo one you loose the colors on the others so can’t see what to select. Thanks!

      • Thanks… It’s sad. Is there a way to increase the font size in the region name? That at least retains it’s color so perhaps if it was a little bigger.

      • Increasing the font size in the region name is not possible either, as far as I know, but that might be my lack of knowledge. Let’s say I’m 80 % sure it is not possible…

  16. Hi eveyone – any chance to have a work version of “Theme Switcher” and some custom theme for Logic Pro X 10.1.1?

  17. Theres is 3 color option in Logic 9, in “Preferences–> Display–> Arrange. One is the “Dark” standard option, the other one is “Bright” and the third is “Custom”. I cannot find the correct Bright skin for Logic X here.. Has anyone made it yet? Thx

    • It is not surprising as such. If there are changes in the MAResourcesmapping.plist file, the skin has to be updated. There has always been, the only exception being 10.2.1 > 10.2.2.

      • Hi I got left behind on the on the up dates could someone please point me towards the changers from 10.2.0 to 10.2.1 so i can get my shit together.
        Thanks Paul

  18. Hello,
    fcasoria recommended that I email you to see if you have any live links to Logic 10.0.5/10.0.6 compatible GUIs. If you are still active, could you point me in the right direction?
    Thank you!
    JLR Perez

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