Instructions how to get started in making your own user interface theme for Logic Pro X.

1) Download Xcode from App Store.

2)  Right-click Logic X application > show package contents.

3) Navigate to the Logic X folder called “A”, which is here:

Logic X Pro

4) Make a back-up. Inside “A” there is a folder called “Resources”. Option-drag this to the desktop to make a back-up copy. Make sure you’ve made a copy of this folder containing the standard gui resources and not just an alias.

5) Rename this folder something other than Resources (e.g. “Logic Default Resources” or “Standard Resources”).

6) The interface uses a lot of image files, which can be modified with  applications such as Photoshop Elements Editor. These files locate in the Resources folder.

For instance, the images for active audio insert slots are “mixer_insert_audio.tif” and “mixer_insert_audio_sel.tif” (the second image is the image used when the channel is selected). The retina versions have a ‘@2x’ postfix: “mixer_insert_audio.tif@2x”, “mixer_insert_audio_sel.tif@2x”.

7) Most of the coding for background colors and the fonts is stored in the file “MAResourcesMapping.plist”. Locate it within the Resources folder and open it with Xcode. Start digging and playing around.

Some examples:

– If you want to change the size of the fonts, most of them are in Root > AssetSets > AttributedStringStyles. Locate the font you want to change > change the value > hit save > relaunch Logic to see how your new font size looks.

– To change the background color of the mixer window, go to Colors > Mixer > Channel Strip BG. You need to adjust two “gradient” colours, top and bottom. (For when the channel is selected, you need to adjust “ChannelStrip_SelectedBG”.The first number is the shade of grey from black (0) to white (255), the second number is the opacity.[*]

8) Hit “save” in Xcode  and restart Logic.

For further instructions, tips and ideas, please see the Custom Logic X GUIs thread at Gearslutz and this: 



GreyColor values are {X,Y}

X = greyscale 1–255
Y = opacity 1–255

sRGB values are {X,Y,Z,A}
X = red 1–255 (more is more red)
Y = green 1–255
Z = blue 1–255
A = opacity 1–255


16 thoughts on “Modify

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  3. awesome, how about that background when you toggle the toolbar show button, when the toolbar is hidden there is a flower motif background, can that be custom? Details?

  4. I guess here’s the answer:
    Ok, I think you can change these. Check out the graphics files in the same resources directory, in particular the files


    They look like they are named and sized correctly to be the graphics for the main window title and toolbar – so if you are desperate to change these, edit those images and see what you can come up with.

  5. Is there a mod to make the whole thing look like Logic 9? Logic Pro X is very dark, and the MIDI editor can be quite difficult to work in.

  6. Not yet. TreyM has promised to make one in some months. (Meanwhile, try his Neve theme.)

    You cannot modify velocity colors, unfortunately. Other elements of the piano roll window you can modify, though.

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  8. I am trying to customize the Step Editor to get more contrast for grabs of the various elements in print for a book that I am writing.
    I have control over the background and various other elements via the Root/Assetsets/Color/StepEditor, but cannot see which parameter allow adjustment of a] the timing grid and b] the note frames.

    The problem is that as the background gets darker, the (black) frames are harder to resolve, and as it gets lighter the (pale) grid disappears, and I really want all of these things clearly visible.

    Can anyone point me towards the grid and/or frame parameters please?

    • Skins have to be updated one by one. Personally, I won’t make the jump yet, as there seems to be some serious bugs in 10.2.3.

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