8 thoughts on “Grey & blue theme by Chris Brown

  1. Hey Chris, looks great but I have one oddity (I noticed!)… on the mixer section meters they aren’t blue but green… where did I mess up? Thank you in advance…

    • The mixer channel strip meters or the trackheader meters? And did you drag all the parts into the correct folders starting with a fresh copy of LPX (not a modded one )? You can’t switch out the whole folder you have to copy the parts over replacing the original individual files. Let me know if you still have problems.

  2. Hey Chris,
    First off, thank you for what you’ve done… it’s great for me (and others) to benefit from your hard work. It is the meters in the mixer and inspector that have not picked up the blue palette. They have remained the original green/yellow/red. I have been rather diligent on backups and also on dragging the individual contents. I have even done a reinstall to the original (perfect), tried your Ole mod and gone back to my original perfectly. But on installing a fresh download and then dragging your updates it still happens- green meter readings, and I’m curious. Could you tell me what or where I could find this so I could let you know what I’m missing. BTW the the arrange window meters as well as the master ARE blue palette. Just dropped in a few of your new tweaks and they also look great. The only two I have not done yet are the environment and the big plugins tweaks….
    thanks again

  3. Ah i think i know the problem, i have my meters set to ‘Linear’ you more than likely have them set to ‘exponential? could you check in Logic by going to preferences / display / mixer / level meters ? switch to linear and tell me if it changes, if so i can make you an updated plist with the same colors for exponential unless you wanna try it yourself?

  4. yep I use exponential and switching turns ’em blue! LOL I trust you FAR more than me if it’s not too time consuming for you…. maybe jus could post the link for it under your misc. mods sections (or give you my email address)? And thanks for doing the hankering to figure it out! Feeling blue never felt so good- it was bugging the heck outta me… Chris, again thanks for all your time… if you need a reference with Apple’s design dept let me know, you’ve worked you ass off… since I gotcha on the “hook” where does the environment mod go? I know I’m hopeless….. Chuck

  5. Ok not a problem to do the meters, might not get it done tonight though 😉

    For the environment…., when you right click the Logic App and select ‘show package contents’ usually the path to the mods is Contents / Frameworks / MAResources.framework etc. etc. but for the environment go ….. Logic App / Contents / Resources and for the Plugins go…..Logic App / Contents / Plugins.

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