10.2.4 theme for 10.3

A quick fix by Chris Brown for those who prefer the old look.




24 thoughts on “10.2.4 theme for 10.3

  1. I like the current look but I prefer the previous one. If I had the option of having a darker look (including the transport zone), it would certainly be better to use the current interface because it is cleaner (although it is more understandable … I see it as true, I did not have it Problem with the previous one). But they have not counted on the hours and hours that we are in front of the screen in a space with dark ambient light nor with the chameleon capacity that they themselves have done in their application. Anyway, the previous interface is still great and I was not going to upgrade until some good Samaritan did the interface from the previous version to the new one.
    So lots of many, many thanks for this gift.

  2. I and my partners at the studio can’t thank you enough for this! I just left my feedback at Apple, with similar sentiments to Ander’s comments above, that looking at the new graphics for extended periods is fatiguing.

    Actually I went a bit further and said the graphics look old and flat, like windows 3.1, though I doubt anyone there is old enough to know what that was like.


  3. Thank you man, great work. One more suggestion – It would be great if you can modify Logic level meter colours to dark green until -18dBFS, light green to -6dBFS and further orange untill red. Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5IUWJY9b0Q
    Watch from 2:45 and check is it possible to make it look like Pro Tools wider meter mode also. Wish you all the best.

  4. Hello, thanks so much for this! Everything looks great, except for a minor issue I see. The track header volume bg is not showing up. I can grab the horizontal fader and move it but it’s flying on the general background without a track, when there is audio playing on the track, the meters do show up under the fader. Any chance you could take a look at this? Thanks so much this looks even better than the original 10.2.4.

    • Hmm, I’m not seeing that on my end, just tried the flat and the regular look and everything seems normal here. If anyone else has noticed this please report, Thanks!

    • Also bear in mind that this hasn’t been modified for Retina Displays so if you have one and want to use this Theme you’ll have to make Logic open up in Low Res mode ( right click the Logic Pro X application, choose ‘Get Info’ check mark ‘Open in low Res’)

  5. Hi ! Is there any way to make regions corners look sharp (like in ableton) , and not round ?
    Also , I tried to change arrange background color to RGB , but it doesnt seem to work anymore in 10.3. can you give me a solution ? Thx !

    p.s. excuse my poor english.

  6. Hi, thank you for making this available. Should this run ok on 10.3.1? I’m having an issue on 10.3.1 where it works great for a while, then the app will not open and there is an error saying to contact the software developer. I never had this issue until I installed the skin. If I go back to the original skin all is fine. If I switch back to the dark theme it works for a while then I eventually the app will not open again. Thanks.

    • Not sure, but i’ve been using it for weeks and never had an issue, It sounds to me like you’re maybe not putting the complete original Resources back before you add the modded files?

      • Yeah they must have changed something in 10.3.1 because ive replaced that resources folder completely, and ive even gone as far as copy and pasting the 10.2 theme files to only replace what is necessary (possibly leaving the default 10.3.1 files intact). It works for a few times and then when i reboot logic wont open. Can you explain your comment about putting the original resources back before adding the modded files?

      • You should have made a back up of the original stock Logic 10.3.1 Application right?
        So… if it’s not working as it should then put the original Logic App back back in the applications folder then use that for a while to make sure you don’t get the same issues, once verified that you have no issues try it again making sure you are only adding the NEW modded files to the CORRECT Resources folder located here…. Mac HD / Applications / Logic Pro X / Contents / Frameworks / MAResources.framework / Versions / A / Resources. **** DO NOT REPLACE THE WHOLE FOLDER, JUST COPY OVER THE NEW FILES*** AND WHEN ASKED REPLACE THE OLD ONES DO NOT MERGE

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