Black Gold theme 10.3

By the honorable Chris Brown. Two versions, a flat and not so flat one (10.3 vs. 10.2, respectively).

Non-retina only (I don’t know whether he will add a retina version later).

Download here:

And more pics here:

The flat one:


The vintage one:



12 thoughts on “Black Gold theme 10.3

  1. Hello, Is it possible for you to make the level meters just like pro Tools for me? where it shows clearly the -18dbfs line dark green, and light green to -6dbfs linee, and further orange untill red?

    Look forward to hear from you.


  2. You have to make double the amount of files, the retina ones are twice the size and i’d hate to make something for a display that i don’t have, can’t test it properly.

  3. I’ve been making a new theme for a while and I’m stuck. I can’t find one certain part. It’s the resize bar that wraps around all of the windows and also resizes the piano roll window. It’s grey by default but I have looked in .plist and in the resources folder and CANNOT find it. I see others have found it as I can see the color changes in different themes. Can someone help me with this one? Thank you!

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